Simple ways to use Stinging Nettle, and Why.

I remember when I was a kid playing outside and always coming home with rashes on my skin from the mean old Stinging Nettle. This was not a plant that one can particularly like. I mean, it stings, it hurt. And it's literally everywhere.

Today I think way differently from this amazing fruit of Mother Nature. I know that all the plants growing, have their own purpose and meaning. But today I am particularly interested in Stinging Nettle.

I have not really paid any big attention to the greens growing just outside my door. Going supermarket shopping is way, waaaay easier than to gather your food yourself. And we do not really need to get into extremes but knowing what we can and what we cannot eat around our own home, might just be a very very handy thing to know. Why?

Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not on really good terms with the food industry these days. The way companies produce just to throw it all away, adding ingredients our bodies definitely do not need or want and to be able to do all of that they are destroying the land and killing the ecosystems living there. But this is a whole nother topic for another time.

So to avoid all of that, we could just go out, once in a while and collect our own delicious, nutritious, plastic free, pesticide-free food just a few minutes walk away (If you live in the mids of the city, might be a few bus stops away).

Why should we know more about Nettle?

In my opinion, Nettle is a superpower Plant that might be a little bit forgotten, we might still be afraid of this plant from our childhood or we can not wrap our heads around the fact that this superfood is growing outside you door, and you can find it everywhere you go.

But this is what is so fascinating about this plant, it's all around us, free to use, free to take. Knowing that Nettle has long been used in herbal medicine indicates that this plant is powerful and should be looked more into.

I am guessing that all of us know what Nettle looks like, but I am guessing that not all of us know how to use this magical plant, am I right?

Today I just wanted to share this brief introduction about Stinging Nettle and just a few, very simple ways how to use this plant, some awesome facts about and a few things that might be good to know.

3 Very Simple ways to use Stinging Nettle

Dry the leaves and make a Tea

This can also be done with fresh leaves of course. When I gather Nattle I will always make a nice cup of tea with the fresh leaves. Then I lay a towel over my clothes rack and spray the nettle all over the towel so the leaves would not lay on top of each other. It only takes a few days for the leaves to dry. After that, I store them in a glass jar.

Nettle Chips

This is delicious, I’ll tell you that! All you have you do is put the leaves into a big bowl, dribble over with your favorite oil, add some of your favorite spices, mix well and bake for 10-15 minutes with 175 degrees. They are ready when they get a bit brownish. And then enjoy the nice crispy delicious and nutritious snack!

Add it to your Smoothie

Add some of the fresh leaves into your daily smoothie. My favorite incidences are pineapple and banana with oat milk and then I’ll add some nettle leaves. Easy and simple way to get that plant into your system.

how to use nettle

Just a few reasons to use Nettle

  • The Spring is here and it is always a good time to detox. Nettle leaves have properties which cleanse your body, blood and flushes out toxins. The wide range of beneficial nutrients found in stinging nettle makes it an ideal detoxifier for the body.

  • Improves Circulation. The combination of high vitamin C and iron content in stinging nettle makes it ideal for stimulating red blood cell production.

  • Anti-inflammatory. Stinging nettle is a stimulant and rubefacient substance, making it very effective against various inflammatory conditions

There are many many more benefits of Nettle and you are welcome to go ahead and dig deeper into the information out there if you are more interested to know how this wonder plant can help you.

Good to know

  • Gather the leaves when it’s a dry outside, in order to avoid Mold.

  • When picking nettle with bare hands, approach the leaf from the direction the hairs are growing and pull towards the same direction, meaning going with the hairs and not against (to avoid sting). Always pick the tops of the plants or the leaves closer to the top.

  • When picking Nettle choose a spot that is not necessarily next to a road used by cars and people walking their dogs.

Let us know your thoughts about this plant. Have you ever used it and how? What kind of benefits have you noticed? Do you have Nettle growing close to your home?

Adventure Activity:

Kräuterwanderung by FUXLA on 13th of July in Sarnen, Obwalden. This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the herbs in our area; what to eat, what not to eat, how to use them and much more. It is a fun day spent in Nature learning something new and walking throught the forest with all our senses open.

Contact Matthias directly for more information. Hope to see you there!

Love and Light