7 steps to Freedom


7 steps towards freedom

Take charge of your own life

I’m sure you’ve heard of the quote “you are the creator of your reality”. So here is a secret: YOU ARE!

It took me years to finally realize that. Because it always seemed that only some chosen ones, the one with extraordinary talent or the ones with super rich parents get what they want. But look around, we are in the most fortunate time ever. Especially if you, as I assume, live somewhere in the western world. Just the fact that you are reading this from either your laptop, your tablet or your smartphone makes you part of a very privileged community. So if you’re currently struggling to get your head around don’t worry. We are all in the same position and most of us have the same possibilities. It’s just a matter of priority or most importantly: mindset!

I totally live and breath this mentality. And yet it seems that the more possibilities I have the more confused I become. I am very well aware that I am in the driver's seat. Even though these possibilities bring me great freedom, they also require lots of decision-making. And having choices is the minds most difficult thing to handle. At least for many young people who still have all their dreams and hopes up high. I count myself one of them, too. That’s a syndrome of our generation. Never has there ever been a time where young people had as many opportunities as we do now. I mean if I wanted I could go across the globe tomorrow, work on turtle conservatories or harvest vegetables on the fields in New Zealand. I could also teach English to Vietnamese children, volunteer at eco-agricultural conservation in the central highlands of Costa Rica or teach yoga classes in Bali. Or with some money on the side I could also travel around, swim with Orcas in Norway or kiss Grizzlies good night in Alaska. Or if, and that’s usually not the case, I happen to miss the mosquitos I could fly to the jungle of Venezuela and use a Kayak as my way of transport (which actually does sound very very cool if insects just wouldn’t love my blood so much!).

Those things all exist and have crossed my mind. However, I could as well keep my save job as an elementary school teacher. I could save up more money, get some more experience in the working world, be an adult (or at least try to - I haven’t been very good at it, still lots of potentials there), live around my dear friends and family, go hiking in the stunning mountains of this lovely country or stroll around farmers markets and cook delicious food. I could go back to university OR start my own business…

And you see, just realising that I actually DO have those options makes me feel so silly. As if the world didn’t have bigger problems. But it’s a fact that many people in our world face mental difficulties exactly because they don’t know where to go or what to do with their lives.

In order to serve this world, I need to find what satisfies me. Is it working in an office as a creative director, helping people out of their health problems or teaching others what I’ve already learned? Is it harvesting food, selling products or building houses? Whatever it is. But I know just too good that it’s easier said than done. As you just read, the opportunities are endless. And I’m sure your list would be just as long as mine. So where to even start?

Things that have been helpful in the past, and I am definitely no expert - just sharing my experiences, are:

journal EVERY single day

Writing down dreams, fears, feelings, and experiences helps to put things into perspective. Especially in situations where you feel really stuck and lost. I can’t highlight this one enough. Putting thoughts on paper make them somewhat more real. You can then either let go of worries and fears or start manifesting desires and visions.

put up a vision board to motivate yourself

Having a vision board hanging over my desk has been so inspiring and motivating last year that I decided to create another one for the new year. I put together a huge frame filled with pictures of places or situations I want to experience and then add some motivational quotes and words to it. This way you’ll keep your eyes on the prize and will, therefore, reach your goals more likely.

dream big - see the abundance

Dreaming big is essential. Because if you don’t dream big you won’t have the motivation to even take the smallest step. Motivation is key. So if your dreams seem too far from reaching don’t let your Ego run the show. A great quote by Buddha which has been up on my wall for the last year is: “What you think, you become - what you feel, you attract - what you imagine, you create.” Read that again. And now one more time. Now let it sink in. Your thoughts are so powerful- don’t ever underestimate that!

read books that inspire you

Reading books has been a major shift in my life. I have never really been a big reader in the past, however, I became one once I realized that there is more than romance novels, thrillers or fantasy books (all of which I haven’t been a fan of). My first and still favorite book on self-discovery and spiritual awakening is ‘The Alchemist’ by Paolo Coelho. It’s just brilliant (and so are many of his books!).

Other great books I’ve read in the past years are:

-’Big Magic’ by Elisabeth Gilbert (‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is also amazing! The book - not the film)

-’Conversation with God’ and ‘Friendship with God’ by Neal Donald Walsch

-’A New Earth’ by Eckart Tolle

And there are so many more! Just start somewhere and you’ll be amazed how much fun it can be to internalize the author’s ideas and concepts. Never stop learning because learning is growing.

an attitude of gratitude

Every night before I go to sleep I write down the things I was specifically grateful for on that day including the things I was most happy about doing and experiencing. These can be things like ‘doing 20mins of yoga before work’, ‘catching up with a friend’, ‘drinking a delicious cup of cappuccino’ or ‘going on a walk in nature’.

listen to your heart

If there is the slightest little pull from your heart (or for some, it feels more like the gut) then don’t doubt that feeling. Listen carefully and recognize what it does with you. Does it light you up or weight you down. Does it give you butterflies of excitement or chills of fear? In every situation, you always choose from either of two strong forces: LOVE or FEAR. What is the underlying force that pulls you to one or another side?

TRUST that if you follow your intuition it will lead you beyond everything imaginable

Trust is one of the most powerful feelings I know. If I trust I feel calm and at peace. I know that life is working FOR me not against. Every situation is perfect just the way it is. It’s what we take from it. Either we win or we learn. So trust in the Universe, in God, in Nature, in Love, in yourself… whatever you want to call it. Trust it and let go. Everything is meant to be. So just BE!

I’d say those are the beginner steps towards an abundant mindset and will, therefore, bring you closer to what you really want. It has helped me so much.

Now, what is your most interesting and helpful take away from this? Do you already practice one thing or another? Let’s make this a safe place to share. You never know what another reader could take away or learn from your experience. Leave a comment if you like :-)

Thanks for sticking with me till the end. I appreciate you taking the time out of your life to spend it here.

I love you heaps,