Is this what I have been so afraid of?

it’s 9 am and my alarm goes off. I open my eyes and the first thought that pops into my head is “Why exactly am I supposed to get up that early? Why the heck do I even need to get up for?” I was angry at myself and angry at the world for making me rise from the state I actually loved being in: asleep.

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Interview w/ Reelika Raspel

Reelika is a very talented and inspiring photographer who is slowly turning her passion into a career. I met Reelika last year during a Surf & Yoga Retreat in Portugal. She quickly became a close friend and now inspires me on a daily basis. Reelika originally grew up in Estonia. She then followed her heart and left her home country to live in the mountains. But it wasn’t always easy. Here she shares her story on how she got where she is today, how she overcame challenges and where she sees herself in the future.

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7 steps to Freedom

I’m sure you’ve heard of the quote “you are the creator of your reality”. So here is a secret: YOU ARE!

It took me years to finally realise that. Because it always seemed that only some chosen once, the once with extraordinary talent or the one’s with super rich parents get what they want. But look around, we are in the most fortuned time ever. Especially if you, as I assume, live somewhere in the western world. Just the fact that you are reading this from either your laptop, your tablet or your smart phone makes you part of a very privileged community.

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