About lost & found

Lost & Found is a Switzerland based Community helping you to take those words and thoughts and turn them into action by getting deeper into the process of self-development.

We know that nothing comes easy, we have to put in the work first. And that is the platform to get you started with this important part.

We do this by inspiring, education and most importantly practicing what we have learned by connecting in Real Life!

Our platform is built on 3 very important pillars;

Inspiration : The place for Interviews and Articles with people no greater than you to show you the endless possibilities.

Education : The place where you can read about the tools you are able to instantly implement into your daily life.

and Adventure : This is where we combine all of this together by organisinf retreats, workshops and weekly or monthly meetings.

Being part of this Community will give you an opportunity to meet other like-minded and growth-oriented people, share experiences, make friends, have deep conversations, open up and get vulnerable, start to really trust your intuition and dream big. Plus we are all able to inspire others to actually take action towards more fulfilling, satisfying and fun life.

These all three sections will play an important part getting you closer to your dreams. This community is here to help you take those next steps necessary to move forward, get the momentum of success happening and support you on this beautiful journey. Each one of you will make this Community flourish. We are excited to start this chapter with all of you.

Everyone is warmly welcome to join us!

With Love and Light

Ladina and Reelika

PS! If you have any questions, concerns ideas, thoughts or anything to share please do not hesitate to contact us


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